We have many Volunteers at our club and it’s the community spirit which sets us apart from other local grassroots clubs. Apart from being Gravesend’s largest Grassroots Football Club, we are proud to represent the whole community. We provide volunteering jobs for local people, paid and unpaid positions, depending on the work available.

Please keep an eye on our volunteers page and if you know somebody in the local community that wouldn’t mind getting involved,then  let them know about us. Hopefully we can provide some assistance for them in some way, regardless of their age, everyone here is respected.

Car park Volunteers
Greenways Aces Volunteers

Please contact us about the latest job opportunities available at Greenways Aces, that are listed below.

Cafe Staff

The cafe staff are generally here to serve the public and our club members. We are open at 8.30 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We want the staff to be friendly but firm when required.

Our Staff collect money for food, snacks and drinks. We also prepare hot food and hot drinks. The cafe staff are aware that the cleanliness of the premises is of the utmost importance Click for our Price List.


The cleaner is required to clean the changing rooms on a weekend. Make sure all walkways are free from hazards and changing rooms are free from rubbish.

Toilets are expected to be cleaned on Saturdays.


The typical Job of the groundsman is to keep the pitches in a good condition ready for the weekend training and matchdays.

The groundsmen will be expected to mark out pitches where possible and remove or report any hazardous areas of the pitch.  Occasionally will be expected to cut the grass on some weekends and this will be shared with our current groundsman.

Local Volunteers In Gravesend
Goalkeeper Coach Trainers
Clearup Volunteering Team
 Clearance Volunteers

Recruiting Volunteers

Linesman / Lineswoman

A linesman is basically a match official that provides clarity when games are officiated under the current rules. If you understand the game and have spare time regularly on a weekend let us know. The only criteria are that you’re fit and healthy.

Please click on the link below. 

Linesman / Lineswoman

Matchday Traffic Co-ordinator

This is a position for someone who can direct traffic. You’ll be tasked with checking the ID of club officials and pointing visitors in areas where they are permitted to park. This is a job that will be for matchday.

For more information click the link below.

Matchday Traffic Co-ordinator



We require referees for matchdays. If you’re enthusiastic enough and show the passion of football that many people possess then this position may be for you.

We are currently looking to have a couple of referee’s to assists and officiate out weekend games on Sundays. We are willing to pay for the training for the right candidate to become an official Kent Referee. The only criteria are that you must be fit and healthy, regardless of gender.

For more information click the link below.

Referee Jobs