Sponsors help us to realise our dreams. They’re an important part of the Club’s development and we couldn’t survive without donations. On the other hand as a very successful club, Greenways Aces play in tournaments all over the South East and Kent so the scope for advertising your business is an attractive proposition. We do not charge for advertising but sponsorship is a regular part of grassroots football.

Greenways Aces If you would like to contribute to the sponsorship of our club, please fill in the form below. We will be in touch and from there create a strategy to display your logo on a number of opportunities within the club. This will be for Home Kits, Away Kits, Tracksuits, Training tops and also Raincoats and Bags.

Greenways Aces Sponsors have to realise that brand awareness helps to generate consumer preference within the local community. A small business or even a reasonably sized business can gain more business from local people who recognise a sponsored brand.

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