Mini’s Football

Welcome to Mini Football at Greenways Aces Football Club. We at Greenways Aces are happy that you will consider starting your child’s mini footballing journey with us. We would like you to know first and foremost that our sessions are, free for toddlers three times a week.
The idea behind setting up the Mini Football Aces is to cater to children showing an early interest in football at a very young age and give them a relaxed session, where parents are encouraged to join in. 
It’s all basic skills really in a place to get a ball at the feet of toddlers and youngsters. Getting them used to structured coaching sessions (even though very relaxed) and interacting with other children showing interest in the sport. We train three days a week in order to give those toddlers who are available a fun time with us in an environment that is pressure-free. Our goal is to make sure that the introduction into the sport is primarily to stay active and healthy whilst growing up.
Parents joining in is a massive help for the players and the coach as children in this group lose focus easily and parents can help keep that focus. It helps to show their child what to do when really it is all about fun and encouragement in this group.