If you have a complaint, please follow the guidelines listed below. Alternatively, you can download a copy of this document from the Club Documents page. Please note that this form is only available for download, or to view online.

The club welfare officer takes all safeguarding concerns seriously. If your concern is in relation to bullying or any other serious nature, they can be contacted in confidence.

Greenways Aces

The Grievance Procedure applies to all members. It is in the interests of good member relations that issues are resolved as quickly as possible at the level at which they arise and are not left unresolved. Any member who wishes to use this procedure can do so freely without prejudice to their position. It applies to all members irrespective of their position within Greenways AcesIndividual and collective issues may be dealt with in the same manner.

If you have a grievance concerning your membership this should be resolved, wherever possible, by informal discussion. Failing this, the following procedure should be adopted with a view to resolving the grievance at the earliest possible stage. You should notify the Club Welfare Officer in writing detailing the grounds for the grievance and enclosing relevant documentation.

You have the right to present your case at any stage of the process. You will be invited to attend a meeting within five working days of raising the grievance. You must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting. If you are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control the meeting may be re-scheduled normally within five working days.

You may, if you wish, be accompanied by a fellow member during any stage of this procedure. If you would like that person to attend the meeting then you must disclose that person’s identity before the meeting. That person may confer with you and can address the hearing, but cannot answer questions on your behalf. If that person is not available on the arranged date, an alternative date can be suggested. That date must be within five working days of the original date proposed. The outcome of the grievance hearing will be communicated to the member in writing within the timescale agreed.

All grievances at any stage will be scheduled to be heard within five working days of receipt. In the event of this not being practical a mutually agreed timescale will be determined. Normally the meeting will be adjourned so that the person hearing the grievance can consider the merits of the case and gather further information if required.

At all formal stages, there will be two members of the Club Committee present, one to chair the meeting and one to take notes. This second person can, alternatively, be the Club Welfare Officer. Please note that it is only the person chairing the meeting who can make a decision.

Greenways Aces: Grievance Procedures (June 2020)